Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fit-Out at Northport Bay Boat Yard - April 3, 2012

Today we got the propeller working properly (thanks for the help, Kevin), painted the foredeck, applied epoxy fairing compound to rust repair areas on deck, finished the pre-launch check list, and launched the stern boat.  The stern boat engine started after a few pulls and ran smooth as silk on a test run. Tomorrow we remove the winter cover and hopefully launch!

Ben Hale, Allen Wolfe and Bob Hagerman were working today.  --Capt. Tom Kelly

Kevin (left) and Ben (right) make final adjustments to the Max Prop feathering propeller

Our shiny propeller ready to go.

Everything you need to do deck repairs.

Epoxy fairing applied to areas where rust was ground out.  "Rust Never Sleeps"

Allen adding oil to the fuel tank just before a test run in our stern/rescue boat. 
Northport Bay Boatyard

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