Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Willow Hill 5th Graders Brave the Elements

Today we sailed with Willow Hill (Traverse City) 5th graders.  We had strong north winds (gusts to 25 knots), and waves 2' - 3' or more. We also had occasional rain showers to add to the mix. But our student scientists rose to the occasion, and completed all their sampling and analysis as we sailed the rolling waves.  Well done!

Sailing under reefed main & fore and stays'l.

Paige and Josh at the helm.

Yea, we made it!

We are looking forward to sailing with more Willow Hill students later this week. --Capt. Tom

Monday, September 3, 2012

Final 2012 Astronomy Sail

The final Astronomy Sail of the year provided our 21 guests great viewing of the stars and the full moon, plus great sailing on the moonlit bay.  Check our 2013 sailing schedule in December (posted on the ISEA web site) for next year's Astronomy Sails.  Thanks always to Dick Cookman, our resident Astronomer, for his entertaining and informative presentations.
Just after sunset clouds from a stalled front at the Michigan -  Indiana border were visible to the south.  Fortunately they stayed there so our skies were clear. 

Heading north under power.  We set sail at the north end of  Suttons Bay and  sailed out into  Grand Traverse Bay before heading home under the stars and a rising full moon. 

Happy night-time sailors.  10:20 pm at the dock.

--Capt. Tom Kelly