Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year - Almost

Well this is it, the last day of 2010. I hope it was a good year for you. It was for ISEA. Here are two ways to end the year on an up note:
1. Click here to make a year-end donation to Inland Seas!
2. Check out the beautiful underwater photos of Grand Traverse Bay taken by freediver Chris Morley.

Happy New Year, and be careful driving tonight. Tom Kelly

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Inland Seas Summer 2010 Sailing Schedule Announced

Today ISEA announced its 2010 summer public program schedule. After a busy spring with school classes, the schooner Inland Seas will commence with public programs in July.

The Family Ecology Sail is designed to make "scientists for a day" out of the entire family, from grandparents to youngsters. The Gull Island Birding Cruise returns to the schedule on June 14. Our Maritime History Under Sail program honors the life and work of ISEA Volunteer Instructor Claudia Goudschaal and will sail from Suttons Bay to Omena and return. The Explore Power Island trip takes us to the crown jewel of Grand Traverse Bay, and gets us ashore to hike and see the natural wonders of the island. Our most popular program is always Astronomy Under Sail. We have two Astronomy programs this year, on August 9th and 10th. And a special all-day program for community leaders is called Day on the Bay, and features presentations and demonstrations in the Education Center and an afternoon on the schooner.

ISEA also has programs for teachers. Call the office or contact our Education Director Christine Crissman for details.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sea Gypsy by Richard Hovey

Here is some poetry for mid-winter dreaming. Enjoy.

The Sea Gypsy, By Richard Hovey

I am fevered with the sunset,
I am fretful with the bay,
For the wander-thirst is on me
And my soul is in Cathay.

There's a schooner in the offing,
With her topsails shot with fire,
And my heart has gone aboard her
For the Islands of Desire.

I must forth again to-morrow!
With the sunset I must be
Hull down on the trail of rapture
In the wonder of the sea.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Asian Carp Update

Asian Carp Found Just Above Lockport Lock in the Des Plaines River, Dec. 3, 2009 Rotenone poisoning of 5.7 miles of the Des Plaines River and Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal turned up only one Asian carp, although DNA testing of water samples came up positive for Asian carp in the Calument Sag Canal near the confluence with the Des Plaines River and below the Obrien Lock. See maps of the DNA sampling area. A description and photos of the carp barrier and maps of the pre and post construction of the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal are at
Additional information, including maps, can be found on the Great Lakes United web site.
I'll keep you posted as new information is avaiable. --Tom K.