Sunday, April 13, 2014

More Inland Seas Fit-Out Photos....

NBBY Workers putting on 6 coats of Interlux epoxy primer...

and two coats of red anti-fouling 

Capt. Ben aloft to install the new radar on the main mast

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Schoolship Inland Seas Fit-Out Underway at Northport Bay Boat Yard

Lower "skirt" cover added to allow work on the bottom

Inside the lower cover, ready for sand blasting off the old paint

Capt. Ben fairing out a repaired area of the Pilot House roof

Control for the new inverter/charger.  We also replaced a VHF radio, radar, GPS plotter and added an isolation transformer this winter.
More photos from fit-out coming soon.  We hope to launch as soon as we have open water.  The Bay is still completely frozen, except for a few places around the edges. -Capt. Tom

Friday, November 22, 2013

R. M. Young Co. Assists ISEA After Lightning Strike

The R. M. Young Company, based in Traverse City, has replaced the lightning-damaged weather instruments on our schooner Inland Seas.  R. M. Young donated a new Wind Monitor, Wind Tracker display, and repaired the temperature/relative humidity display.

Many thanks to our good friends at R. M. Young Company.  Your continued support of the Inland Seas Education Association will keep us sailing and teaching about the Great Lakes. We use these instruments as part of our education program and to provide information to the National Weather Service.

Tom Kelly

Remains of our Wind Monitor after being hit by lightning on October 3rd

Replacement Wind Monitor supplied by the R. M. Young Co.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Inland Seas Hauled Out at Northport

Inland Seas was hauled out this morning at Northport Bay Boatyard in a snow storm.  Nice day for a boat trip.  We will now winterize the engine and other systems onboard and put on a shrink-wrap cover (as soon as there is a break in the weather).  Our thanks to NBBY for their good work. 

Ben Clark sweeping off the snow prior to departure.

Haul Out at NBBY in the snow

--Tom K.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Antique Pulling Boat Donated to ISEA

This 15'3" pulling boat was donated to ISEA by Michael O'Donnell.  The boat was built by Dan Kidney & Sons in West Depere, WI.  It is believed the boat was built before WWII. 

This boat will be on display at the Inland Seas Education Center this winter. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Micro Plastics in the News

The Traverse City Record Eagle ran a story yesterday on micro-plastics.  You can expect to hear a lot more about this issue in the future.  ISEA is involved the the research effort by collecting samples for Dr. Mason at SUNY and training our older students on how to collect these samples using the manta trawl. 

Manta Trawl being towed from Inland Seas, summer 2013

ISEA Ship Lay-Up Report

All ISEA vessels are in lay-up mode.  Inland Seas is at Northport Marina, ready for haul out next week at Northport Bay Boatyard.  Our whaleboat Lake Sturgeon was hauled out Tuesday (thanks to Bob Joyce & his big truck).  Our Boston Whaler is on its trailer in the parking lot.  We still have lots to do before winter, but we are roughly on schedule (barring a sudden arrival of winter weather). 

If you would like to help get the boats ready for winter, please call the ISEA office at 271-3077. 

ISEA's Boston Whaler workboat

Motor whaleboat coming out for the winter at Suttons Bay

Thanks for visiting....Capt. Tom