Friday, March 13, 2015

Almost Spring

Looks quiet on the outside, but Capt. Ben has multiple projects underway under the cover.  Sailing soon!
-Capt Tom


  1. The 1,320m (4,330ft) variation between the highest and the lowest areas of the Mujib Nature Reserve ensure the diversity of landscapes and wildlife habitats is vast. Here, Cheap Jordan Shoes,you can experience the thrill of hiking trails that follow routes over rocks and along rivers, and see a large number of plants, birds and wildlife. In fact, there have been more then 300 species of plant recorded in the reserve, 102 species of migratory bird and around a dozen species of carnivore. The figure is increasing as more are being discovered in the remote mountain areas and valleys, and recorded. Ibex mountain goats (Capra ibex nubiana) and numerous rare cat breeds are just some of the species being studied.

    Heading south past Karak and Tafila you’ll find the Dana Biosphere Reserve, a sprawling, silent place of rocky mountains, wadis, wooded forests, sand dunes and desert. 'I he biodiversity here is extraordinary. You’ll see an amazing number of birds - such as the Bonellis eagle (,Aqaila fasciatus), Barbary falcon (Falco pelegrinoides), bulbuls and chukars - without even trying, new jordans,along with mammals and plants. Recent records list over 700 different species of plant and 38 species of mammal. Half the reserve is off-limits to goat herders and the other half is controlled so wildlife here is thriving. A visitors’ centre just inside the main entrance to the reserve has suggested hiking routes and comprehensive information about the reserves various conservation projects.

    ‘Moon-like’ is a term often used to describe Wadi Rum, and as you stand gazing at its desert sand speckled with rock formations and blazing orange mountains it is difficult, if not impossible, to find any other word that captures its tranquil beauty. The Wadi Rum Protected Area’s complex ecosystem supports over 2,000 different plants and wildflowers, including poppies and Jordan’s national flower, Jordans for sale,the Black Iris (Iris nigricans), along with more than 120 different species of birds and animals, many endemic, ensuring its importance in the fabric of Jordan.

  2. Intending southern region beyond Karak in addition to Tafila you’ll chose the Dana Biosphere Pre-book, some sort of sprawling, hushed place of rugged piles, wadis, wooded woods, crushed stone dunes in addition to sweet. 'I he / she biodiversity suggestions outstanding. You’ll view a great volume of gulls -- such as Bonellis eagle (, Aqaila fasciatus), Barbary falcon (Falco pelegrinoides), bulbuls in addition to chukars -- devoid of possibly hoping, completely new jordans, in conjunction with mammals in addition to facilities. New files number in excess of 900 unique variety connected with vegetable in addition to 38 variety connected with mammal. 1 / 2 this pre-book is usually off-limits to help goat herders along with the partner is usually handled and so wild animals suggestions growing. Some sort of visitors’ hub simply just into the key entry ways towards pre-book possesses encouraged camping channels in addition to detailed info on this supplies a variety of conservation initiatives.
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