Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fit-Out at Inland Seas

The heavy rain kept us indoors most of the morning, but the weather improved in the afternoon so we could load the life raft (technically an inflatable buoyant device). The raft weighs about 350 pounds, so we had to bring it aboard using the handy billy and fore boom. We then set it on a furnature dolly on deck, and easily moved it to its rack on the foredeck.

The raft in the golf cart trailer before loading aboard

Ben steadies the load while Larry and Kathy hoist with the handy billy

Allen keeping tension on the guys the the raft is positioned properly on the dolly

Almost down.  From here it was a cake walk to the foredeck

Larry varnishing the butterfly hatch of Liberty

Ben making up new lanyards

The "before" photo of the main head.  We will give it a complete rebuild and a fresh coat of paint.
-Capt. Tom

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