Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inland Seas Fit-Out Continues March 28, 2012

Today we finished preping the main deck and applied a coat of non-skid paint to the deck.  The engine room was also cleaned and some rusty areas in the galley bilge treated with rust converter.  The high temperature today was 48 degrees, barely enough for painting. Tomorrow we will reinstall the shaft seal and connect the shaft to the transmission. Then the drive train will be ready for launch.  Hopefully the weather will cooporate for some additional painting.   -Capt. Tom
Bob using his detail sander to get into the waterways.

Ben sucking up the sanding dust.

Allen applying masking tape.  This takes longer than the painting.

Bob cutting in around the deck fittings.

Ben rolling on the deck paint.  Ahhh.....
Photos taken aboard Inland Seas on the hard at Northport Bay Boat Yard, Northport, MI.

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