Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inland Seas Fit Out - Day 2

Today we removed to old stern bearing and fitted the new bearing.  We also put a second coat of anti-fouling on half the bottom and painted the waterline stripe.  I continued work on deck chasing rust spots (rust never sleeps).  A good day with lots accomplished.  Tomorrow we hope to refit the rudder and continue painting.  Thanks to Bob Hagerman, Allen Wolfe, Jan Hale and Ben Hale for great work today.

The old stern bearing (18 years and 5,000 hours of service)

Capt. Ben Hale cutting the old bearing into sections to allow removal.

Bob Hagerman cleaning up the shaft prior to reinstallation.

Reinstalling the shaft into the new bearing.


Capt. Wolfe rolling on the 2nd coat of anti-fouling.


Capt. Jan Hale taping the waterline prior to painting.
Tomorrow:  Reinstall the rudder, paint the rub rail, prep deck houses for painting.  ---Capt. Tom K.

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