Thursday, March 22, 2012

Volunteer Instructor Class Wraps Up 3-21-12

The final review session of the 2012 Volunteer Instructor Class was held last evening at the NMC Water Studies Institute classroom.  Each shipboard teaching station was set up so new instructors could practice their newly aquired knowledge.  Thanks to the veteran instructors who helped teach this and all the sessions this winter.  Thanks also to Emily Shaw, ISEA Educaiton Coordinator, who lead the Volunteer Instructor Class this year. 
There is still an opportunity to teach with ISEA this year.  Attend the all-day intensive class on April 4 and get the preparation you need to teach aboard the Schoolships Inland Seas and Manitou.  Call Emily Shaw at 231-271-3077 for registration information.

Kristin Miller reviews the Benthos Station

Bill Maul leads the Water Chemistry Station

At the break I took this photo of big cumulonimbus off to the east.  The beams of light converging on the Hagerty Center are reflections of the ceiling lights in our classroom.
--Tom K.

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