Friday, September 24, 2010

LSSU Great Lakes Ecology & Sustainability, Day Four

After breakfast at anchor, we motored out to the head of Old Mission harbor and did a trawl tow along the northeast shore. We did a limnology station and then headed out into East Bay to sample the "deep hole", at a depth of 608 feet.  Our dredge brought up a mud sample with amphipods, a Mysis, an oligichaete worm and a midge larve. We also sent down some foam cups which returned to the surface much reduced in size (from the water pressure).

Benthos from the Deep Hole.  Mysis is the large specimen near bottom of dish. 

Recording Shore Development Data
Lunch is served.  Thanks, Greg.

This is for Jerry Dennis.  Students with their copies of "The Living Great Lakes"
We sailed from Elk Rapids to Omena where we did more sampling.  Only 2ppm dissolved oxygen found in the bottom waters.  Then home to Suttons Bay with more shoreline analysis underway.  This was a great trip, and we are looking forward to sailing with LSSU again next season.  --Capt. Tom

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