Monday, September 13, 2010

Milwaukee to Suttons Bay, Sept. 8 - 9, 2010

The crew (Tom Kelly, Remy Champt, Allen Wolfe, Wayne Snyder, Ben Shaw & Michael Appert) traveled to Milwaukee by car last Tuesday.  It was blowing 35 when we arrived at the Pier Wisconsin Discovery World dock. We left Wednesday morning and followed the Wisconsin coast up to Sheboygan before heading accross the lake towards the Manitou Passage.  About midnight we were in mid-lake and getting tossed around quite a bit. I decided to head for Frankfort and get a few hours rest before traveling on. We arrived at Jacobson's Marina in Frankfort at 0230.  We got 3.5 hours of sleep, fueled the vessel, and got underway again at 0830.

Leaving Milwaukee's Discovery Center

The wind was still against us until we got north of North Manitou Island, but at least we could see the waves coming at us, which had decreased during the early morning.  Of course once we got into Grand Travese Bay the weather was wonderful.  We got home to Suttons Bay at 1815 on Thursday evening.

Sunset, Mid-Lake

Wayne at the Wheel

Thursday Morning: Ben, Remy & Michael

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  1. I just happened to stumble upon this blog -- awesome! I'm from Suttons Bay, but currently live in Milwaukee.