Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lake Superior State University - Great Lakes Ecology & Sustainability Class - Day 3

From Power Island we motored up to Bowers Harbor (with fire and abandon ship drills enroute) to do a fish trawl and limnology station.  The catch was 4 rock bass and 13 round goby.  From there we motored along the east shore of the West Arm of Grand Traverse Bay so the Shore Development and Phragmites groups could collect their data. We docked at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy briefly to explore the lower Boardman River using the stern boat. 

Boardman River in Traverse City

From Traverse City we sampled the lower West Arm (2 smallmouth bass, 16 rock bass, 22 roundy goby, 1 white sucker, secchi disc=13.5 meters) and sailed up the west side of the bay until 4;30 pm when we sailed off for Old Mission Harbor, arriving at 7 pm. 

Logan and the "Living Great Lakes"

Remy and Tyler light the anchor lanterns
Class continues into the evening
Moonrise over Old Mission

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