Monday, April 15, 2013

Crew Hoist Training at Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City

This morning Inland Seas' crew got some valuable training from the U. S. Coast Guard on how to handle a helicopter evacuation.  We trained right under the helicopter, which gave us an understanding of the noise and rotor blast that we could expect in an actual rescue. Hopefully we will never need to do this, but now we are much better prepared.

Final Briefing on the Flight Line

Our Dolphin Helicopter, 6527, taking off

Lowering the basket, trail line hanging below.

Our crew pulling in the trail line to guide the basket "on deck"

Our group with 6527 & USCG hanger in background
Our instructor, Lt. Chris Breuer
Thanks to Lt. Breuer, the crew of 6527, and all the USCG staff at Air Station Traverse City for this training.

--Tom Kelly, Master,  INLAND SEAS 

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