Thursday, April 11, 2013

Concrete Canoe Race Comes To Suttons Bay

Due to thick ice in the planned race site at Houghton, the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Concrete Canoe race was held in Suttons Bay on April 7 & 9.  Thanks to Gary Hoensheid for organizing the change in venue, to ISEA's Allen Wolf for driving the safety boat (our schooner's rescue boat) and setting the buoys, SBHS Principal Rittenhouse for providing signs and parking space, and the Village of Suttons Bay for the use of South Shore Park and other help. 

Michigan Tech won the race event and the overall competition.  Nice work MTU!  Click here for complete competition results.
MTU's Mattie Martin and her crew keep the event rolling.  Flexibility is key!

Opps!  U of M's bow broke off upon launch. 

Lawrence Tech's team prepares to launch their boat.  Team work!

The U of M team bringing their wounded boat into ISEA's Boat Shop for emergency repairs.

ISEA's Boat Shop provided a warm and dry place for the U of M team to make repairs.  They were back on the water the next day for the races.

ISEA Captain Allen Wolf and MTU's John setting buoys before the races.  Water temp: 37 degrees.

Many teams had tents.  MTU had a gas fire going!  Smart. 

First race of the day.

MTU's winning boat with female paddlers in the first race.

Everyone had a great time despite the cold.  We hope to see the concrete canoe racers again in Suttons Bay.  I have extended an invitation to for the teams join us on July 20th for the Classic Boat Show.  I promised warmer waters.

--Tom K. 

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