Saturday, November 5, 2011

Inland Seas' Winter Cover Installed

The crew put in a long day on Friday, November 4th.  We got the winter cover on and the plastic heat shrunk around the sides.  Monday we will return to finish shrinking the top portion of the cover.  This can be done from the inside.  Then we will be ready for the icy blasts of winter.
Larry and Allen rigging the strapping that will hold the lower edge of the cover.

Bob and Jan rolling our the plastic sheet that will form the cover.

Putting heat-shrink tape around the masts.

One side of the cover has been secured.  The other (stbd) side is being secured along the centerline with a wooden batten.

Port side of cover in place.  The aft section was later covered with an athwart piece of plastic sheet.

Inside view with cover in place, prior to heat shrinking.

The Cover is secured for the weekend.  Monday we will finish up the heat shrining from inside.

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