Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dry Dock Inspection Completed

Yesterday the Coast Guard inspectors from Sault Ste. Marie were at Inland Seas    to do the Dry Dock Hull Inspection.  They inspected the hull plating, internal structures, seacocks, and drive train.  We passed the inspection with no problems.  They will be back for our annual in-water inspection in June. 

The ship is covered now, and all systems laid up for the winter.  We will continue with maintenance tasks throughout the winter months. 

Liberty is also ashore at Northport Bay Boatyard.  She will be covered soon.

Liberty at NBBY, Nov. 2011
-Capt. Tom Kelly


  1. This is great :). I am really happy that inspection has been completed successfully. There must be inspection after every 6-12 months. If an inspection is made known in advance, it can give people a chance to cover up or to fix mistakes.
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