Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19 - Waterford HS and Clare Elementary 4th Grade

Clear skys, fresh NW breeze and excellent students made for a great day aboard the schoolship Inland Seas. The afternoon trawl catch consisted of ninespine stickleback (3), mottled sculpin (2), round goby (16), native crayfish (4), and rusty crayfish (1). Two of the gobys went to our aquarium in the Education Center, to join the three new adult sea lamprey we received today from Nate Winkler of the Grand Traverse Band. The afternoon Secchi disk reading was 14 meters and the surface water temperature was 44.7 degrees F.
We also did a man-overboard drill this afternoon, recovering our sponge "Bob" in two minutes.
At the end of each trip the students shared in our Inland Seas 14th Birthday cake.

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