Friday, August 3, 2012

LSSU Oceanography Days 4 & 5

On July 26th we sailed from Beaver Island to St. Helena Island.  At one point in the trip we could see 5 lighthouses: Gray's Reef, White Shoal, Isle aux Galets, Waugoshance Point and St. Helena.  We had a nice tour of the St. Helena Light station and smores on the beach at night.  The students had to take their final exam on the Island (how many students can say they took an Oceanography exam on an island?).

Coring tube coming aboard

Gray's Reef Light

St. Helena Light

Approaching Big Mac

LSSU Oceanography Class at St. Ignace.  ISEA crew is to the left.
On Friday we tacked against an east wind up the Straits of Mackinac, passed under the bridge and sailed into St. Ignace.  We had a great time with the students and Dr. Derek Wright of Lake Superior State University. 

--Capt. Tom

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