Sunday, August 12, 2012

Advanced Invasive Species Field Course, Lime Is. to St. Helena Is.

From Lime Island we proceeded down the St. Mary's River to DeTour and into Lake Huron.  We sampled the river off Lime Island and Lake Huron near St. Martin Reef Light in 150'. We bucked headwinds all day, but arrived at St.Helena Island with plenty of daylight left.
Chris hauls in the PONAR Dredge

Freighter House north of DeTour

DeTour Light

Albert captures the Bridge

Ben & Tim 

Into Lake Michigan.  Emily took the photo

Ben pilots the inflatable into St. Helena Island

St. Helena Light

Smores on St. Helena

Sunset on St. Helena

Evening at the St. Helena Island anchorage
More to come....Capt. Tom

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