Monday, August 31, 2009

Ship's Work this Week

A big repair project got undreway today as the crew (Remy, Allen, Greg) began the repair of a deteriorated area of the main cabin roof. Water penetration had softened the plywood roof, so off it comes. An approximately 2' x 4' area is being replace this week. The new plywood will be covered in fiberglass and epoxy. Looks like we have a good stretch of working weather ahead.

Thanks to all those who came to the ISEA Nautical Flea Market on Saturday morning. We sold three small boats and lots of marine gear and made about $1,550 for ISEA's fall Schoolship programs.

-Capt. Tom

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week of August 24 -29

This is a maintenance week for the ship and crew. Jobs include repair of companionway hatches, rust treatment on deck, refinishing and cleaning. Capt. Remy and Greg are handling these tasks.

Remember Saturday morning is the Nautical Flea Market. We have been receiving lots of marine gear as donations this week, so we will have lots to sell on Saturday. I hear that some pirates may show up also.

I've added a couple of new links on the right side of the blog page. Check out Navigating the Regulatory Seas (of interest to vessel operators) and the Michigan Schooner Festival.

-Capt. Tom

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach & Underwater Clean-Up Coming September 19

ISEA Beach Clean-Up on Mackinac Island, June 2008

ISEA holds two Beach Clean-Ups each season. The fall 2009 date is Saturday September 19. The fall Beach Clean-Up is part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Clean-Up, in cooporation with the Great Lakes Alliance.
Beaches and waterways included are from Petoskey to Manistee. To participate please call the ISEA office at 231-271-3077. Let us know which beach you wish to clean. If that beach is already taken, we will help you select another nearby beach. We will also send you a Beach Data Card.

On the day of the Clean Up, you will need sturdy footware, gloves, a plastic pail (this works better than garbage bags), a clipboard and pencil for the Data Card, and a friend or two to help.

Over the last few years northern Michigan has seen a large die-off of diving ducks, loons, and other migratory birds. Click here for more information about the die-offs and what to do if you find a dead bird on the beach.

This year, ISEA is partnering with the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve to also clean-up the nearshore areas surrounding the Inland Seas dock. This underwater clean-up will also take place Saturday, September 19.

Call the ISEA office at 231-271-3077 for more information on how to get involved.Thank you for helping keep Michigan clean by participating in our Beach & Underwater Clean-Up! We appreciate everything you do to help keep the Great Lakes clean and healthy!! For more information check out the ISEA website

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Underwater Exploration for Non-Divers

Join ISEA for a day-long underwater exploration of shipwrecks and underwater features in Grand Traverse Bay. Come along with underwater photographer Chris Doyal and ROV builder/operator Kurt Jankowski as they investigate the remains of ships long concealed under the surface. Talk with the divers as they explore the wrecks using the two-way audio comminucation system. Watch as they encounter schools of fish and other creatures using live video connected to underwater ROVs (remote operated vehicles). Learn about the maritime history of Grand Traverse Bay as you beomce crew members on the gaff-rigged schooner Inland Seas.$80/person, $75/child under 18; limited to 25 people. Lunch is included while aboard the schooner. Call (231) 271-3077 to registerJoin ISEA for a day-long underwater exploration of shipwrecks and underwater features in Grand Traverse Bay.

Nautical Flea Market, Sat. August 29


Saturday August 29, 2009
Inland Seas Education Center Suttons Bay

Join us Saturday morning, August 29, from 8 am to 11 am at the Inland Seas Education Center, 100 Dame Street, Suttons Bay for a Nautical Flea Market. There are 3 ways to participate:

1. Donate your excess nautical stuff to ISEA before the event (& get a receipt for your tax return).

2. Bring your nautical junk/treasures to our site before 8 am on 8-29-09 and set up your own sales table (perhaps you will consider a tax-exempt donation to ISEA after your sales bonanza). Free coffee for sellers.

3. Bring your checkbook and take home some bargain marine hardware, equipment, perhaps even a small boat. We have ground tackle, deck hardware, lights, marine electronics, pumps, models, books, etc. Free coffee for buyers.

Call Tom Kelly at 231-271-3077 or for more info.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The World's Deepest Lakes

What are the world's deepest lakes? Find out from Circle of Blue. (thanks to Carl Ganter and Circle of Blue for your good works on behalf of the world's water and all of us who depend on water for survival). --Tom K.

PS: Lake Vostok gets my vote as the worlds most bizarre lake.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Science Sail, July 31, 2009

Mate Allen Wolfe gives lesson in line handling

Youngsters hauling in the trawl
Family Fun at the Wheel
Do we have to go now? We had a hard time getting these folks to leave the boat. They wanted to hang out on deck. --Capt. Tom

Inland Seas at the Traverse City Film Festival

Capt. Tom speaking with Kevin McMahon, Director of Waterlife
Capt. Remy at the Wheel, heading for Traverse CityTyler coiling downGreg enjoying the ride Dockside at Clinch Park Marina, Traverse City Winners of the Wild Hair Contest prior to the movie "Hair"
-Capt. Tom