Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach & Underwater Clean-Up Coming September 19

ISEA Beach Clean-Up on Mackinac Island, June 2008

ISEA holds two Beach Clean-Ups each season. The fall 2009 date is Saturday September 19. The fall Beach Clean-Up is part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Clean-Up, in cooporation with the Great Lakes Alliance.
Beaches and waterways included are from Petoskey to Manistee. To participate please call the ISEA office at 231-271-3077. Let us know which beach you wish to clean. If that beach is already taken, we will help you select another nearby beach. We will also send you a Beach Data Card.

On the day of the Clean Up, you will need sturdy footware, gloves, a plastic pail (this works better than garbage bags), a clipboard and pencil for the Data Card, and a friend or two to help.

Over the last few years northern Michigan has seen a large die-off of diving ducks, loons, and other migratory birds. Click here for more information about the die-offs and what to do if you find a dead bird on the beach.

This year, ISEA is partnering with the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve to also clean-up the nearshore areas surrounding the Inland Seas dock. This underwater clean-up will also take place Saturday, September 19.

Call the ISEA office at 231-271-3077 for more information on how to get involved.Thank you for helping keep Michigan clean by participating in our Beach & Underwater Clean-Up! We appreciate everything you do to help keep the Great Lakes clean and healthy!! For more information check out the ISEA website

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