Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving Ice Damages Schooner Dock, Finger Piers

Looking north at Inland Seas' finger piers.
Looking NE at ISEA's destroyed finger pier ramp.

View under the Schooner Dock, with broken piling.

Ice Damage to Schooner Dock.

Strong winds from the south pushed ice against the Schooner Dock in Suttons Bay, snapping one piling and knocking out power to the underwater camera. Luckly the underwater camera is on another piling and was not damaged. Don Balcom, whose tug and barge have been moored near the dock all winter, will attempt repairs on Thursday. The dock is owned by the Village of Suttons Bay and used by ISEA's education schooner Inland Seas. Many of the S. B. Marina's finger piers on the Coal Dock were also damaged or moved out of position by the ice. ISEA's two finger piers also sustained damage.
-Tom K.

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