Monday, April 7, 2008

Inland Seas Arrives at Suttons Bay

Two days after ice out...

ISEA's schooner Inland Seas arrived at her home port of Suttons Bay on Monday April 7 after a pleasant motor cruise from her winter berth in Traverse City. The crew enjoyed being underway again, especially with sunshine and a following breeze to make things comfortable on deck. The water temperature was only 37.5 degrees F, so we were glad we had no spray to contend with. Crew for this passage consisted of Tom Kelly, Master; Remy Champt, Mate; Allen Wolfe, 2nd Mate; Jan Hale and Bob Hagerman, Deckhands. Of the five aboard, four were licenced captains!

Just after our arrival in Suttons Bay the wind came up from the SW and blew a near gale. The crew, joined by Tom Kastle, worked all afternoon removing the winter cover frame.

-Capt. Tom Kelly

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