Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LSSU Oceanography Class - Day 1 & 2

This week we are sailing witih Prof. Derek Wright and six Oceanography students from Lake Superior State University.  On Monday we sailed over to East Bay and took samples in 525'.  The bottom was at 4 degrees C and we found no animals in our one Ponar dredge. We returned to Suttons Bay for a cook out.  Most of the students had never been to Suttons Bay before.

Tuesday morning we left for Beaver Island with a head wind.  We motored north, stopping off Cherry Home to sample the old outlet channel to the Bay.  We took ddredge samples in 22', 69' and 125'.  The samples showed the classic trend of decreasing grain size with depth.  There were lots of quagga mussels in the deeper sample.  We continued on north in beautiful weather, despinte the headwind.  South of Beaver Island we took samples ,including a core, in 300'.  The Secchi disk depth here was 15.5 meters.  We arrived at St. James at1720.  Thanks to St. James Marine for the dock space.  And thanks to Larry Hansz for the loan of an electrical adapter and his Trooper. 

Dredge Samples from channel off CherryHome in Grand Traverse Bay

Navigatin Lesson

Sorting Benthos

What is this?

Crew prepares to lower the gravity core.

Core sample from 300'

Capt. Tom with typical B. I. vehicle - thanks Larry H

At St. James Marine/Fogg Towing Dock

-Capt. Tom

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