Saturday, March 20, 2010

Invasive Ruffe Update from US Fish & Wildlife Service

ISEA's Schoolship Inland Seas participates in the annual survey for the invasive Ruffe. None were found in our trawls in Grand Traverse Bay and Little & Big Bay de Noc in 2009. The following report was sent to us by Anjie Bowen of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Range of Ruffe in the Great Lakes, 2009

Lake Superior: No range expansion was detected. The ruffe range spans the entire south shore from the Duluth-Superior Harbor on the border of Minnesota/Wisconsin to Whitefish Bay, Michigan, and along the north shore from the Duluth-Superior Harbor to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

St. Marys River: Ruffe remain undetected in the river.

Lake Huron: Ruffe were detected in one area of Lake Huron - Thunder Bay (Thunder Bay River and Thunder Bay). Ruffe have not been captured since 2003 and have not been captured outside of Thunder Bay.

Lake Michigan: The ruffe range consists of Green Bay.

Lakes Erie and Ontario: No ruffe were captured from the Lower Great Lakes. Ruffe remain undetected in the Lower Great Lakes, and in all inland lakes and streams within the Great Lakes Basin.

For additional information, contact Anjanette Bowen (989-356-5102 x1014), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office, Alpena, Michigan. For a ruffe fact sheet and photo go to

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