Monday, October 26, 2009

Inland Seas Heads to Traverse City for Winter

Don Goski takes us around Stony Point
Allen Wolfe on the foredeck, dressed for the weather.

Captain Remy, also dressed for the weather!
R-4 buoy, Lee Point
Today the crew (Tom Kelly, Remy Champt, Allen Wolfe and Don Gorski) took Inland Seas to Traverse City (Greilickville) for winter lay-up. The passage was pleasant dispite the rain and mist. Upon arrival we pumped the holding tanks and took on 145 gallons of diesel fuel. Thanks to Centre Pointe and Harbor West 45 LLC for hosting Inland Seas for the winter. Remy, Allen and volunteer helpers will put on the winter cover in the next few days. -Capt. Tom

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