Sunday, June 7, 2009

Schoolship 2009, Week 3

Northport MS included our 80,000th Schoolship Student
Waterford Mott 10th graders after their trip. It's still not summer!

This week we had 10 school groups aboard Inland Seas (Waterford Mott, Our Savior Luthern, Clare Elementary - 3 classes, Bear Lake 8th grade, Northport MS, Crestwood 6th, Interlochen 4th, & Evart 6th). Surface water temperature was 44 deg. at the beginning of the week and 46.9 deg. at the week's end. The trawl catch included brook stickleback, rock bass, round goby, three spine stickleback, white sucker, spottail shiner, and native crawfish. Round goby was the dominate species. Secchi disk transparency was 18 - 20 meters.

Aboard Manitou we hosted 8 programs: Traverse City East 6th, Leland, Evart 6th (2 classes), Grayling 5th, Central Lake HS, Central Grade School TC, and Ludington 6th.

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