Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16, 2009 Notes - ISEA is on Facebook, Handy Billy Debut

View out my window this afternoon. Yea, sun!

This week the ship's officers attended the Great Lakes Captains Association's "Industry Days" and the annual meeting of the Great Lakes Association of Science Ships (GLASS) in Traverse City. On Thursday Janet Vail of the Grand Valley State University Annis Water Resources Institute and Tom Kelly presented a illustrated report on the status of education vessels on the Great Lakes to the GLASS meeting. Attendees were lucky enough to hear the first public performance of the new nautical singing group "Handy Billy", concisting of ISEA's own Christine Crissman and Allen Wolfe, DTE's underwater MD (minnow dipper) Gary Longton, and guitarist Andy Spence. Handy Billy in action.

Ed and Chuck at work on the drywall.

In the lower level of ISEC volunteers are putting up new dry wall in the Science Prep Room and a new fire door with window between the lower level and the Boat Shop. Thanks Chuck, Mike and Ed for all your good works.

And lastly, ISEA has joined the millions of others on Facebook. See you there.
-----Tom K.

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