Monday, October 20, 2008

October 17 - Inland Seas Sails to Winter Berth

Sunrise at the Education Center
Leaving Suttons Bay
Rigging fenders at our winter berth
The view from four floors up.
MHA's Mark Thompson with Arcturos and Mary J

Last Friday the crew (Tom Kelly, Remy Champt, Jan Hale, Bob Hagerman) motored Inland Seas to Traverse City for winter storage. After filling the fuel tanks and pumping out the holding tanks we berthed her alongside the wall at Centre Pointe. Thanks to Dave Mathia and Centre Pointe for the complementary winter dockage.

We were in good company there, with the MHA's Herreshoff H-28 ketch and the Mary J behind us and their newly aquired cutter Champion in front. Champion will be hauled out and Liberty will take her place on the wall for the winter. -Capt. Tom K.
(click on the photos for larger versions)


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