Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Inland Seas Hauled Out for 3-Year Maintance

Ready for paint

Capt. Remy, the artist with anti-fouling

Bob and Jan apply the topside green.

Fred cutting in the boot top.

Capt. Tom getting the clams-eye view of the keel.

This week Inland Seas is "on the hard" at Northport Bay Boatyard. We are painting the bottom and topsides, and servicing the feathering propeller. We also had our drydock hull inspection by the U. S. Coast Guard (we passed with no problems), and we are having Marc Nugent of Manitiou Marine Services do a Condition and Value Survey as part of our long term care of the vessel. We plan to launch on Friday morning and return to Suttons Bay in time for the Family Science Sail on Saturday (we have room available, so call the office if you want to sail with us).

-Capt. Tom

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