Monday, September 29, 2008

New Botulism Information on ISEA Web Site

For the latest information on botulism-related waterfowl mortality and what to do if you see dead birds or large fish (sturgeon) on the beach, go to

Michael Moore and Family Sail Aboard Inland Seas

Michael bringing us down the Bay.

Screen test for "Pirates of Suttons Bay"

Volunteer Instructor Bob Bura's tug Basil John comes alongside near Stony Point.

Tina at the Wheel

Documentary film maker Michael Moore and his family sailed aboard Inland Seas on Saturday 9-27-08. Besides enjoying sailing the ship, the plankton station was a big hit with this group. Also along was my German exchange daughter Tina Weinhag, a senior at Suttons Bay HS this year. -Capt. Tom

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sept. 25, 2008. A foggy day on Suttons Bay with Kalkaska MS

Lead Instructor Kathy Turner unloading the trawl cod end.

Round Goby Territory

With visibility down to 1/8 mile some of the time Inland Seas took the Kalkaska Middle School students on a smooth ride around the Bay. I don't think we ever had more than 5 knots of wind. The fog finally lifted and the sun came out towards the end of the sail. Our trawl catch was mostly round goby (as usual) and a few small rock bass.

-Capt. Tom

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sept. 23 - Buckley MS

Collecting the green algae "Chara" from the trawl.

Webb leading the discussion on the afterdeck. Here students learn the physics involved with sailing, a little history and a little navigation. Each student also gets a trick at the wheel.
With just a week of Schoolship left, we are about to end our 20th season. We have had fantastic weather this fall, and the forecast for the next week also looks good. Our final programs will be with Kalkaska Middle School (3 classes), Saginaw Chippewa Academy, a chartered Family Schoolship on Saturday, and St. Ignace School next Tuesday. We are looking forward to sailing with these students aboard Inland Seas.

RV Club Discovers the Great Lakes- Sept. 22, 2008

Trawl going in.

Recovered old mooring - looks like a Sputnik

The Fore Travel RV Club visited Inland Seas and learned about the workings of our freshwater ocean. Many of this group had traveled all over the U. S. but had never been on the Great Lakes before. We made sailor-scientists of them and they had a great time, finishing the day with a song for the crew and instructors. A highlight (?) of the day was the capture of an old mussel-encrusted mooring by the trawl.

Saturday, Sept. 20 - Canoes on Display at Leland

Chuck Dickerson and his crew from the ISEA Boat Shop had several of the canoes built in our shop on display at the "Boats on the Wall" gathering for Leland's Heritage Day. There was a good crowd all day to see our canoes and the many other classic wooden boats and vintage autos.
Students from Suttons Bay High School have are now finishing up a canoe begun last school year, and will begin a new canoe project soon. Contact Chuck D. if you would like to get involved with this project.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lakeshore HS Research Cruise - Sept. 17, 2008

Jan and Remy in the Rescue Boat after recovering man-overboard gear.

Laura serving up her seafood chowder to hungry sailors.

Freshmen students from Lakeshore High School, Stevensville, enjoyed a beautiful day on Grand Traverse Bay, doing aquatic research and sailing. Five teams carried out research on zebra/quagga mussels, amphipods, zooplankton, crayfish, and fish populations. Data collected will be used in their school classes in the coming days to complete their projects.

We were blessed with moderate north-northeast winds of 10-17 knots and mostly gentle seas. And we were also blessed with our friend and former ship's cook Laura Cavender, who came along today to prepare our lunch of seafood chowder, baked apples, cheese and onion biscuits, carrots, grapes and cheese! What a feed.

Students also took part in a man-overboard drill, with our little friend "sponge Bob" (really a sponge) as the "victim".

Thanks to Lynda and her team for bringing along such well prepared and enthusiastic students. And thanks to our Volunteer Instructors Maury Witteveen, Thom Yokum, Jerry & Carol Inman, and Larry Garber.

Capt. Tom

Sept. 16, 2008 - Little River Band Students

Sailing under short rig in blustery conditions.
Keeping good look out!
Stephanie returns to the Schoolship!

On Tuesday September 16, 2008, students from the Little River Band in Manistee sailed aboard the Schoolship. It was a blustery afternoon with the winds about 20 knots, and gusts to 30. We sailed with just the staysail and reefed main, which was just right. We occasionally hit 9.5 mph through the water with this short rig.

Instrumental in making this trip happen was Stephanie Ogren, a fishery biologist with the Little River Band and former ISEA Student Intern (about 12 years ago!). It was great to sail with you again Stephanie.

Funding for this trip was provided by the Michigan Sea Grant Program - COSEE.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008 - NMC's Watershed Science Class taught by Colleen Masterson - And, Jeanie's Last Day as Cook Aboard Inland Seas

Colleen (left) and Christine (center) address the students.

Jeanie Inglehart recording some memories before departing for St. Paul.

This morning we had an early departure with 12 students from Northwestern Michigan College's Watershed Science class, taught by Colleen Masterson. We had a beautiful fall morning on the lake, with light NW wind and easy sailing.

It was also Jeanie Inglehart's last day with us as Ship's Cook. We will really miss Jeanie, and not just at lunch time. She really gave the ship a big heart this summer. Thanks Jeanie, and Bon Voyage.

Capt. Tom

Day on the Bay, Day 4 - Sept. 5, 2008

Veronica at the wheel...all smiles.

Day on the Bay, Day 3 - Sept. 4, 2008

A soggy Day on the Bay. Thank you, participants, for being good sports and good sailors!
-Capt. Tom